Jeff Koons / Evening Standard

“Jeff Koons, the contemporary American artist best known for his Hoovers in Plexiglas and giant topiary dogs, does not feature in the piece that bears his name, although the vibrant, kitsch spirit of his work infuses it.

A power failure hampered the lighting last night, but even this hiccup could not subdue the the glory of Becs Andrews’ giant children’s-play-area-cum-Twister board of a design, for which she rightly won the prestigious Linbury Prize. The energetic cast of five reconfigures a set of coloured manhole covers for each of the staccato scenes, complimenting their surroundings with a range of fluorescent wigs and costumes… the fawned over and long-gestated masterpiece of the self-satisfied artist is a huge replica Kinder egg.” Fiona Mountford

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