The Tempest / The Guardian

“In Becs Andrews’ design, Prospero’s cell resembles the back room of a charity shop, piled high with mounds of unsorted jumble and polyester shirts hung out to dry. Tyrone Huggins’s Prospero is a make-do-and-mend type of magician with an enchanted . . .

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The Tempest / The Stage

“The isle is full of laundry. For this Northern Stage co-production with Improbable, designer Becs Andrews has curtained the stage with shirts and mountained it with trousers. The landscape she has created is exciting to the eye; canopied with fabric, . . .

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The Tempest / British Theatre Guide

“Becs Andrews’s design is a treat for the eyes: three huge mounds of clothing of all colours and styles against which the cast can lean and blend in or into which they can tunnel to create, for example, Caliban’s cave, . . .

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The Tempest / The Oxford Times

“This new joint Oxford Playhouse, Northern Stage, and Improbable Theatre production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest throws up a full-scale, Force 10 storm right from the start, just one of a series of spectacular scenic effects by designer Becs Andrews.” Giles . . .

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The Tempest / The Reviews Hub

“It is the set that is the production’s most memorable aspect, however. Heaps of clothes lie strewn about the stage, here and there coalescing into great mounds, from which characters emerge, spirit-like. It is the world’s most disorganised jumble sale. . . .

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TRANSMISSION: Contemporary dance performance and interactive installation / FORUM Magazine

Mike Brockhurst, Department of Biology, and Becs Andrews, Visiting Research Associate, Department of Music, describe how they have used performance to aid conceptualisation of infectious disease evolution. Live performance is a powerful medium through which to communicate concepts and ideas. . . .

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Space Exploration / Leeds Alumni Magazine

Seeing the light: How Becs Andrews is exploring the relationship of art to science Read interview in full

Phase Revival – When art meets science / Leeds Northern & Yorkshire Voice

Becs interviewed by Jon Cronshaw for Leeds Northern & Yorkshire Voice “Phase Revival seems to grab different audiences on different levels. For scientists, it’s a manifestation of what they already know. For people that know a bit, it tells them . . .

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Perfection by Design / Western Mail

“Faster opened last summer to coincide with the Olympics. Each costume in each group is sort of a different sport, so there are fencing girls, synchronised swimmers, a basketball team and so on, but none of the designs are straight . . .

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Cassandra / The Arts Desk

“conveyed with economy and style. The office sequences, in particular, with their gleaming white workstations and bright clothes (design: Becs Andrews) are highly enjoyable, the ensemble striking crisp poses and wrapping and unwrapping their limbs neatly around the furniture” Jenny . . .

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Through His Teeth / Opera Today

“Can this be the best British opera in years? Luke Bedford’s Through His Teeth at the Royal Opera House’s Linbury Theatre is exceptional. Drop everything and go.” “Distorted values, distorted reality. The designs (Becs Andrews) capture the psychological dislocation implicitly . . .

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Through His Teeth / The Observer

“Short, pithy and smart, Through His Teeth managed that elusive feat of being at once gripping and amusing. The conductor Sian Edwards, Chroma, Victoria Simmonds (the third cast member), director Bijan Sheibani and designer Becs Andrews all contributed to a stylish, provocative, . . .

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Through His Teeth / Time Out

“set designer Becs Andrews’s back-wall video screen displaying CCTV footage of terrorist action adds to the climate of anxiety” Jonathan Lennie Read review in full

Through His Teeth / The Guardian

‘The musical-dramatic pacing is swift and almost cinematic – an aspect reinforced by the use of screens with multiple CCTV images placed at the back of the stage, which show us the physical ambience of each scene. Sam Meech’s videos . . .

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Through His Teeth / Whats On Stage

“An unqualified success, Through His Teeth looks set to become a modern classic, and is certainly the most ambitious and successful of recent new operas that have been seen on the London stage. “Indeed it’s a long time since a . . .

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Through His Teeth / Intermezzo

“Lightning wig and wardrobe changes enable Victoria Simmons to play interviewer, sister and fellow victim – each role musically delineated with precision…If there’s one thing you need to see this week, this is it.” Read review in full

Romeo and Juliet / The Guardian

“Full of light, colour, movement and music, Ben Power’s cut-down National theatre version of the tale of star-crossed lovers adds to a growing trend in taking Shakespeare for children and family audiences more seriously than before. If the show is good . . .

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Romeo and Juliet / Time Out

“This hour-long young person’s version of Shakespeare’s great romantic tragedy falls squarely into the ‘triumph’ box, a stripped down touring production that’s still so audaciously visual as to keep young audiences hooked even if blank verse isn’t their thing. Condensed . . .

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Faster / Telegraph

“Faster, the triple bill’s main event, is a new piece by David Bintley – an Olympic-year tribute to the sporting spirit – with a driving, pumping, excitable new score by Matthew Hindson. The work looks fantastic, with the 21 dancers . . .

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Faster / The Arts Desk

“Faster fields dancers very fetchingly clothed in skin-tight sports outfits by the new young designer Becs Andrews, attractive takes on gymwear, swimwear, cycling bodysuits, basketball sweats and track athletes’ two-pieces, with a lot of long beautiful legs and washboard stomachs . . .

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