Romeo and Juliet

A version for young audiences, set around an alternate Brick Lane – the set becomes a playground, party, balcony, wedding canopy, crime scene, starry sky, tomb. The contrast in styles between Capulets (a hybrid of Hindu and punk styles) and Montagues (bright suits inspired by Zoot suits and Congolese ‘Sapeurs’) draws the battle lines.

‘Full of light, colour, movement and music. Becs Andrews’ simple square design of four climbable poles, covered by netting and fairy lights, hints at an outdoor basketball court; it fits snugly in the National’s versatile temporary space, the Shed.’

Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

A visual language was developed that could tell the story wordlessly using glitter, balloons, bubbles, graffitti, police tape, chalk body outlines, petals (for blood and funeral rites), hearts, music, dancing and action, swiftly moving from scene to scene, enabling young audiences to learn Shakespeare’s language.