Becs Andrews Company was commissioned by Manchester Science Festival and University of Salford to develop the interactive installation TRANSMISSION: INTERACTIVE  as a stand-alone work, following the success of TRANSMISSION as a combined contemporary dance performance and interactive installation.

“My children LOVED this room. Keep asking if they can go back”
Audience tweet

Participants ‘caught’ an infection which they could see by getting close to somebody else in the installation with an infection. A sense of the tremendous scale of micro and macro worlds of microbes and pandemics was created through zooming in and out of the infectious networks that the participants had made in the space. Body sensors worn by participants enabled them to hear as well as see when they were close to other participants and likely to get infected. An ambisonic speaker ring enabled the participants to hear their individual movement, as the sound swung around the room following their position.

“2 hours my 2yr old interacted with Transmission Totally absorbed This technology works on so many levels”

“Science meets art meets play”


Audience Tweets


TRANSMISSION INTERACTIVE at Manchester Science Festival: from becs andrews on Vimeo.

TRANSMISSION: INTERACTIVE is available to tour. Please contact Becs for full technical specifications