TRANSMISSION is a design-led interactive installation and contemporary dance piece that explores infectious networks (disease, memes) and how changes at a molecular level can have global consequences.

“I would never imagined science could be turned into something as beautiful as this”

Audience Member

Sound and video is triggered by specific movements (eg: proximity) and displays immune system information (ie: spine lights) through our sensor-imbedded costumes, which I designed to hide the metal sensors and allow for maximum movement.

Making TRANSMISSION Documentary

The large floor projection tracks the dancers’ or audience members’ movements and generates networks in which you can see an infection spread.

“It’s brilliant. Never seen anything like this fusion of light, sound and movement before.”

“It was one of the best pieces of contemporary dance we have ever seen”

Audience Members

TRANSMISSION Full Performance

Each of the seven sections in the performance explored an aspect of transmission through this kinetic-visual-aural interactive system – from the hubs (airports, playgrounds, etc) where mass infections occur to the microscopic ‘lock and key’ cellular mechanisms that allow infection to occur.
The seven sections of TRANSMISSION explained

“Visually blew my mind, the combination of performance and tech”

Audience Member

Before and after each performance the audience were invited to experience the environment from within – triggering the sound and video and setting up infection networks with each other.

“The USP is that you get to interact”

Audience Member

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TRANSMISSION is available to tour.

Please contact Becs for full technical specifications