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TRANSMISSION: INTERACTIVE by Becs Andrews Company at Manchester Science Festival

Following the film and documentary premiere of TRANSMISSION at Media City Salford, Becs and her team been invited by Salford University to develop TRANSMISSION: INTERACTIVE for Manchester Science Festival this October.

TRANSMISSION is a contemporary dance performance and interactive installation project produced by Becs Andrews Company, which uses bespoke wifi sensors and interactive sound and video to explore transmission patterns of infection through networks.

Watch the film and documentary on Artplayer:

Becs worked with x-io technologies to develop the sensor-embedded costumes which trigger sound, video and light. Her team included Professor Mike Brockhurst, evolutionary biologist at University of York, composer Jon Hughes, choreographer Simon Birch, and programmers Phill Tew and Tom Mitchell

Funded by Wellcome: C2D2, Arts Council England, DARE, with in-kind support from University of York, Heslington Studios and Falmouth University.

TRANSMISSION premiered at York Festival of Ideas 2014

More information on the TRANSMISSION website: